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To Remove Layers from the Judicial Branch

Operation Clean Sweep, (OCS) is a new Website that will reveal the Unconstitutional acts of the State Bars, of their Corrupt Practices and of Fraudulent Existences.

If you would like to learn more about this website, or would like to help us in anyway, or with the cost, please contact us at the information below.

Contact: Nancy Grant or Michelle Christensen
Nancy’s Cell Phone: (863) 558-3266 or Michelle’s Email:  

There are about 700 Media Contacts, all State House Representatives, State Senates, and Congressional members. Including, United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, who will also be receiving this briefing, on the Operation Clean Sweep, press release.
You can review the OCS, Website and review the 1949 Florida Bar Petition (paragraph 35) “as attorneys are not under the law”, as they “are officers of the court” which automatically makes them members of the Judicial Branch. We have elected officers in every state, as holding two offices at the same time the Legislative and the judicial. Throughout the United States, we also have State Prosecutors working in our Courtrooms that are also State Legislators. What about the Separation of Power, as to addressing the laws in a State, as to other States, and addressing the laws under the Constitution? OCS, Website will bring this to focus as we address this issue on corruption as to the scenario to what exists throughout the country. 

There’s a Bill, under HJR633 that was created in the late 1990’s. As to, remove the Florida Bar as the arm of the Supreme Court, and place attorneys under the Legislative Branch. The attorneys would then become regulated, such as contractors, doctors, nurses, midwives, etc. Bill HJR633 as to House Joint Resolution 633, also need to be edited and re-introduced as another Bill. Two Legislators, one from the House and one from the Senate need to step up to the plate and edit and sponsor a new Bill in every state.

You can also learn, and also see how the Florida Bar has “Bifurcated the Courts”. Most people don’t even know what “bifurcated” means. We must learn our laws, under the Constitution. So we can also hold our elected officials who have sworn into office, accountable for not upholding the law. And I can tell you, every State Bar in the United States, has bifurcated the courts.

Lee Winston produced a radio show called “Disbar the Florida bar”. Guests have been interviewed who have been victimized by the failures of the Florida Bar in its role as an arm of the Supreme Court of Florida. If you are not aware of the extreme misbehaviors you can visit this website, at and listen to direct testimony by visiting the archives of past interviews.            

Violations in the Courts are also repetitive throughout the U.S. in this country. Responses from members of the Legislative Branch will be posted on the Operation Clean Sweep’s website, after confirmation that they have received this information.  Look for “Legislative Responses” on the OCS Website, as to the supportive responses will be posted as a Green Light. Negative responses and non-responses will be as Red Lights, supporting the corruption.  The OCS, Website has a national agenda too.      
I have retyped this letter for Nancy, but also asking for you to reach out to her as to helping her, for addressing this cause she has brought forth as addressing this cause under Operation Clean Sweep’s website.


Michelle M. Christensen   



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