Friday, May 11, 2012

By Jim Wicker. Dull Clipper Blades!

Hello, my name is Jim Wicker. Do you have dull clipper blades? Clippers aren't working properly? Are your scissors not cutting as they should?

I provide a sharpening service, with 20 years experience, that specializes in clipper blades, and scissors. I can sharpen all clipper blades from the small trimmers to the large animal blades. I'm also able to repair problems in the clippers themselves.

I can sharpen all shears from the tiny mustache shears to the large upholstery shears. I can do all hair shears including the convex Japanese shears. I also do sewing shears as well as pinking shears.

So if you're in need of some sharpening, I'd appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Feel free to drop them off if you're in the area or you can mail them. Some local pick ups can be arranged.

Regular scissors $4 to $5 depending on the size.
Large upholstery shears and pinking shears $5
Hair stylist and Barber shears $13 - $18
Clipper blades $5
Large animal clipper blades (Stewart & Lister)  $6

I've taken the liberty of including a few of my cards should you or any of your customers need my services.

Thank you

Jim Wicker

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