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I was told to expose who don't care. Well, heres one for you to see.


April 5, 2009


Michael B. Brenhe
620 North Waymore Rd.
Suite 270 Maitland, Fl 32751

Attention: Lee M. Jacobson
Phone: (407) 654-2195

RE: Michelle M. Christensen
Clermont, Fl. 34711

Dear Mr. Jacobson,

I’m writing this letter to you on my behalf regarding negligence and fraud.    

The Carriers, Liberty Mutual and Wausau, and there attorney Laura Mackle along with my attorney Elliott Lucas, all knew they were defrauding me out of money going back from the very beginning of my case since 1998. They also knew they were not addressing my entire medical care starting from 1999.They forced me into this Mediation Settlement claim knowing in 2003 I had just learned about them defrauding me out of money over the years along with me confirming this with the Social Security office and, not to mention the Financial Services of Worker’s Compensation telling me about the bad faith they felt that was going on with my case.          

In 2003 I contacted the Finical Services of Worker’s Compensation since the Carriers, Liberty Mutual and Wausau were not addressing my entire medical condition relating to my injury since 1999. After I had contacted the Financial Services of Workers compensation and spoke to Leane Roush, she later told me after her inquiry she felt there was bad faith going on with my case. She also stated she would address a letter to the Carriers named above asking them why they haven’t addressed my medical as asked by their own authorized treating doctors.  She went on and stated, she would ask the Carriers for proof of services regarding medical care and treatment. They would not respond back to her requests, knowing they would be making a public record of her findings.

In 2004 Leane Roush also asked for a copy of the offset on how they came up with the figures regarding my income from the Carriers since I told her I couldn’t get a copy of that document even from my own attorney since the Mediation Settlement agreement took place in 1999.
Leane Roush also learned that some of my medical records were not on file in the doctor’s offices that I had seen over the years. She informed me that the Carriers, Liberty Mutual and Wausau, were also defrauding me out of money and she would fax me some documents to prove that claim.   

In 2004 I also was told by the Social Security office that the Carriers, Liberty Mutual and Wausau, were not paying me right by their own records on file and could not show me a document or record regarding the offset of how they came up with those figures on record from the Carriers on file at the Social Security office, Why? I still to date do not have that record as I have asked for it from my own attorney since 1999. Now I ask you, doesn’t that fall under fraud knowing I should have had something in writing pertaining to the offset regarding my settlement claim and regarding my income before I agreed to one?

In November and December of 1999 while at South Shore Hospital, I was accused of taken illegal drugs along with five other patents while I was at this hospital. I was also threatened by a doctor if I knew what was best I would keep my mouth shut or he would see to it I would be so bad off that no doctor would want to waste their time helping me. He also threatened me not to say anything about them falsifying our medical records along with knowing I almost lost my life while I was under their care. He also threatened me that if I said anything after getting out of there, I better talk to someone who had lots of knowledge under their belts, because I’m going to need all the help I can get. Elliott Lucas knew of this during the time I was there, and told me not to leave the hospital because they would use that against me if I left the hospital as I wanted to leave because of becoming ill and the lack of medical care.  I also have witnesses to this threat put to me and about this claim. I had asked for my medical records from South Shore Hospital, but they would not let me have them before getting out of there in December. I tried getting my medical records in 2000 and later in 2001 but still had no luck getting my medical records from South Shore hospital.

In 2002 I still couldn’t get my medical records even after a subpoena for the records at South Shore Hospital. All I got was summaries, and those are not medical records.

In 2004 the Health Department was looking into to my case since Leane Roush notified them about me trying to get my medical records from South Shore Hospital along with telling them there were also other doctors who did not have my medical files in their office that I saw under workers’ Compensation. Sometime after they were notified and looking into my case I called them to see why I hadn’t received my medical records, yet.  This is when I found out my attorney stopped their requests, regarding my medical records by telling them he had the records they were looking for, why?

The Carriers, Liberty Mutual and Wausau, there attorney Laura Mackle and my attorney Elliott Lucas, did not tell the truth in court about a Dr. Cheshire who I saw at the Mayo Clinic back in 2000 under my husband’s insurance whom at the time was not my treating doctor. In court they tell the judge Dr. Cheshire became my treating doctor in 2004 took a deposition from him and dismissed my medical care saying there was nothing wrong with my Autonomic Nervous System. Even though they knew they were not telling the truth since I had not seen Dr. Cheshire since 2000 and along with knowing he was not my treating doctor. Not to mention, they refused to let me stay and finish treatment at the Mayo Clinic even though they were told all my problems were related to my injury at the time I was there in 2000.      

My attorney Elliott Lucas, Laura Mackle and the Mediator all knew I had not agreed to any kind of settlement in 2005 regarding the mediation that was set for on January 24, 2005. They also address something about a mediation that was set in 2004 regarding a settlement.  I was not told about this mediation or knew anything about a settlement in 2004. They also make it look like I don’t show up for this mediation and have the judge order me to be at the next mediation in person that was now set for January 24, 2005. I can tell you I had no idea of this until after I started to look over my court records in 2008. Oh, and something about a demand letter in 2004 regarding a settlement that the judge sites in the records. What demand letter in 2004? I didn’t even know of this letter from my own attorney or anything about a mediation settlement in 2004 until the judge brings it up in the records.

They authorized doctor Cheshire to be my treating doctor that I hadn’t seen since 2000 and who was not my treating doctor at the time. Take a deposition from him and make it look like he was my treating doctor in court and then dismisses my medical care knowing they were not telling the truth in court. They hadn’t addressed my entire medical since 1999 knowing I hadn’t received any proper medical care for the Autonomic Nervous System which is part of my compensation. As also noted, and said by CMS-Medicare.

Laura Mackle, Elliott Lucas, Carriers Liberty Mutual and Wausau even make it look like there were no referrals for me to go to the Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins from any of their treating doctors regarding my condition addressing my Autonomic Nervous System for treatment. As you will see, it is not true.

The bottom line is they all knew I had just found out in 2004 from the Financial Services of Worker’s Compensation that they were defrauding me out of funds over the years going back to the beginning of my case. That’s way they forced me into this Mediation Settlement in 2005, saying I agreed to this claim when they knew they were not telling the truth about this settlement.

You seem to think I had a hearing before this Mediation or a hearing regarding this claim. I can tell you I did not have a hearing regarding this claim. I had a Hearing after the Mediation telling me I agreed to this settlement claim that I did not agree to, in the first place. That’s the hearing I had and also couldn’t talk about things do to it being confidential.

The Worker’s Compensation Laws under 60 Q 6.10. Mediation generally, please read
(2)(4)(5)(6) and (7). I can tell you that’s not how my case went under the Laws of Worker’s Compensation. I was never at a Mediation Conference and nor did I request a private Mediation for a Settlement. Please find these documents that say I did? You won’t find my name on them unless my name was forged.      

I can tell you a lot more that’s wrong with my case but I think I have said enough for now. As you said you only wanted two pages addressing negligence.  What about fraud and perjury? 

I also want to thank you, for taking an interest in my case.

Michelle M Christensen           

 PS. This attorney would not take my case after reviewing this letter, due to the fraud involved in this case.     

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